Body Therapies


Massage is a therapeutic technique designed to relax and release tight, sore muscles and increase oxygen flow in the blood while releasing toxins from the muscles. It involves the use of kneading, stroking, friction, tapping, and vibration and can provide relief from a variety of health and well-being issues.

An Aromatherapy Massage is a Swedish massage using specific essential plant oils to relax, revive, or recover from the stresses of everyday life. Your therapist will ask how you’re doing and how you want to feel and tailor the selection of oils to suit your needs.

A Deep Tissue Massage is good for relieving chronic muscle tension, deep aches, twinges, all muscular pains and ongoing issues.

A Sports Massage is ideal as part of your complete workout routine as it helps to speed recovery time and care for the wear and tear that occurs naturally in your muscles during sports or gym sessions.

Hot stone massage goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation and well-being.

  • deep-tissue

    Deep Tissue

    An invigorating massage for those who prefer deep muscular manipulation. This massage relieves tightened muscles from sporting activities, chronic stress, and fatigue.

    • 60 minutes - $100
    • 90 minutes - $150
    • 120 minutes - $200
  • swedish-massage

    Swedish Massage

    A classic light to medium pressure massage using a combination of techniques, including long strokes and kneading. This traditional method increases circulation and promotes relaxation.

    • 60 minutes - $100
    • 90 minutes - $150
    • 120 minutes - $200
  • travel-recovery

    Travel Recovery

    Designed for the traveler who needs to unwind, relax, and regain mental clarity and balance for a busy schedule. An essential oil sequence directs the journey on which the guest will be guided, resulting in a treatment that invokes both balance and rejuvenation.

    • 60 minutes - $135
    • 90 minutes - $160
  • aromatherapy


    Aromatherapy oils are known for purity and potency. This customized aromatherapy massage will fully relax and harmonize your body and mind.

    • 60 minutes - $100
    • 90 minutes - $150
    • 120 minutes - $200
  • stone-therapy

    Stone Therapy

    This unique massage places warm basalt stones over the entire body. The heat from the stones radiates deeply into the muscle to provide stress reduction, deep relaxation, and relief from physical pain.

    • 60 minutes - $135
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  • Massage is a therapeutic technique designed to relax and release tight, sore muscles. Providing relief from a variety of health and well-being issues.