I've been getting waxed regularly for five years. When I moved here I thought I would find the same; estheticians reluctant to wax men and when they do they go about it with the efficiency and demeanor as if they were giving a hair cut.

Jay is different. With Jay it felt more like a genuine spa experience, and you can tell he is passionate about his work. I felt comfortable the whole time, and had the best wax I've ever gotten. And the results speak for themselves. I thought he was giving me the usual line when he told me that other waxers tend to break the hair off but his wax formulated for men gets it by the roots. My hair came back finer than ever, and took longer to grow back. Before Jay I thought I just had super thick hair that would never get finer. And he knows about skin, and will give you the best advice as for what products to use afterwards. I had far fewer bumps, and he suggested a product that worked great on my back for acne.
Review on All About Skin from Los Angeles, CA