I LEFT HERE GRINNING LIKE THE CHESHIRE CAT! Best place for First-time-virgin-waxees! Stop looking! JAY IS THE ONE!

JAY MADE TIME FOR A DESPERATE, NEEDING CUSTOMER LIKE ME! (Who calls at the last minute) HE CALLS ME BACK! I love him for that! Remembering "me" and "my" needs was a surprise!

I was very nervous by looking forward to coming here. (For people like me--virgin being waxed here ) JAY was absolutely professional, he only gives his clients his complete, professional suggestions. ---"And do you know what?!" Take all of his opinions and suggestions to heart! He made my first-time experience one that I'll never forget. "You" as a customer would want JAY to put his hands on you( he's got soft hands) . JAY is a very explain-it-all; dedicated-to-his-craft; kinda-of-a-gentlemen. Not only did he want to show me his sanitary work station, but he also carefully exploded and shows me how he's going to work on---"Me?! (You)" And he sees how "your" body "is" different from the everyone else. It was a very private; yet personal first-time-wax!

He'll share; not only he's devotion to his career, work, etc; but the time will fly by! (If "you" are with JAY!) ILL SEE YA SOON!

Review on All About Skin from Indio, CA