**Update** I returned to All About Skin for a follow up waxing and decided to get a facial and microdermabrasion. I have never had a facial in my life. First, the follow up waxing. I was extremely relaxed so much so that I fell asleep. When I say Jay is phenomenal I sincerely mean it. It does still smart but the results are definitely worth it. I had a "SSC (Shaft, Sack and Crack). Men you will find it very difficult to keep your hands off the waxed areas. Do try it!! Second, the facial. Being a novice, Jay explained every step that was going to take place during the facial. I was transported and completely fell asleep. Hope I didn't sore, Jay. LoL My face feels amazing and my enlarged pores completely disappeared. I am very pleased with the results and looking forward to my next facial and waxing. Thanks again, Jay!
Review on All About Skin from Palm Springs, CA