• The Yoga of Skin Care – An Embodied Approach to Radiance

    As a skin care professional, we are wired to look for the new and cutting-edge tools to create a transformative experience that lasts long after the treatment, to reach beyond the layers of skin and touch the soul. The real change is an inside bob. Clients may be engaged with a series of facials or massage, but the goal we try to project is holistic wellness post session.

    Origins of Yoga

    Yoga comes from the Sanskrit work “Yuji” meaning to join or to yoke. Here in the West, many understand yoga as exercise, meditation, diet or even a religion, but its origins derive from the ancient practices of union. Anything in life that one aspires to heal becomes their yoga. Everything is yoga – the way you wash your face, how you make breakfast and dress for the da, the way you speak, your work, home, heart and mood.

    What is the yoga of skin care?

    It is a living dialogue without a single answer or formula. The yoga of skin care is the fruition of total health and beauty that begins with treatment and goes beyond. This is the basis of all healing relationships. When you devote yourself to your own journey, then your presence, as well as your skill, transforms everyone you touch.

    An embodied approach to radiance can be explored in a number of ways. The key is the intention to begin and the willingness to continue and go beyond the treatment and heal from the inside out.

      1. Become a foodie. Explore wholesome recipes that good for the skin and body’s health.

      2. Do a natural cleanse. Remove some trigger foods, such as dairy, wheat, soy, gluten, sugar, nightshades and processed foods.

      3. Limit stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol. Julia child said, “Moderation, small helpings and sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.”

      4. Practice Yoga. Everyone can benefit from synchronizing the breath with movement, exploring balance and focus, setting an intention and finding flow.

      5. Set a daily intention. Take the time to articulate the quality to bring to this day, this week, or this month to align the soul in all sorts of creative ways.

      6. Build your alliance. Establish a core group of like-minded people that can help you, massage therapist, nutritionists, chiropractors that complement your skin care therapy.