• NuFree 4 Men and Women!

    Nufree “wax” is the next generation of hair removal… for starters, it’s not actually wax.

    When our spa gets requests for male or women hair removal, we want to be able to offer our clients the best new products and services.

    We have clients who want to be smooth all over, including intimate areas (beneath the bikini line or briefs for men). We get many clients asking about Brazilian waxes and swear by them, but because many have sensitive skin, we added the Nufree system.

    Nufree is a hair-removal system similar to waxing except it doesn’t contain any wax, honey or sugar and is 99.999% antibacterial and antimicrobial, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Plus, the company doesn’t test on animals, which is a bonus for those who only use beauty products that are animal-friendly.

    Even when we have newbies or virgins to waxing, we put our clients at ease. The beauty of Nufree is that it works well for those with sensitive skin.

    Now, even if you are terrified of the pain, people have heard how much a bikini wax hurts, or have seen 40 Year Old Virgin and assume it is like that… especially when it’s your first time. We won’t lie: Each strip can cause you to flinch a bit, but any time a hair follicle is being extracted, it’s not going to feel great! Think of it as a giant band aid being removed…It will get easier after the first few strips, and we found it easy when we breathe together with our clients, or just have a conversation and actually enjoy each warm application of Nufree.

    Within minutes, it is completely over. The feeling of being smooth and no stubble is wonderful. More importantly, it doesn’t hurt at all afterward. Even with irritable skin, you won’t have bright red skin and raised bumps. Check as out as we get into the season of bathing suits!