Do's and Don'ts

  • We are a pretty easy going, keen to please, and intent on making your spa experience as pleasurable as possible. Please don’t be embarrassed or hesitant should you have any other questions, comments or concerns, all will be treated confidentially. Our goal is for you to enjoy.

  • At the end of your treatment, when they tell you to “take your time getting up”, it’s not an invitation to take a nap.

    In an ideal world, it’s good to let the skin soak up the oils for an hour or two afterward our procedure. If ‘greaser’ isn’t your look, then feel free to take a quick shower when you get back to your home or hotel.

  • The bottom line is that waxing doesn’t tickle, it stings, but at least it’s quick. After they’ve removed your body hair, avoid soaps and shower gels in your first hair-less shower as they can cause the pores to be clogged but from there on out, keep your hair-less area clean. Redness or a slight rash is typical, especially with wax-rookies, but we use the best wax available, and the more often you come in, the more accustomed your skin and hair become to waxing. Four to six weeks between treatments is fairly standard. Waxing when sunburned is out of the question, unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

    And guys, what if you get a woody while getting a male Brazilian? Well so what. Look, our therapists are professionals. They are not there to play with it but to remove the hair from it. It’s actually good if you do (get a woody) because the skin is tighter, and it will hurts less… plus the endorphins….. Ok, you get the picture… So chill! Seriously… during the waxing procedure, the therapist constantly pulls the skin tight in the area that is worked on, before pulling the wax off. This ensures the follicles are close to the skin. Believe it or not guys, it’s probably one of our most requested waxing treatments.

  • Before a facial it is not necessary to shave. A little stubble never hurt but three days past a five o’clock shadow defeats the purpose. A heavy beard prohibits all that skin goodness from sinking in. If you do shave every day, be sure to shave at least 3 hours prior to your skin treatment.

  • Therapists perform many pleasurable tasks during the massage, but it is not construed to be sexual in any means. Please note, any inappropriate behavior or language will result in the termination of your treatment even if the job is still half done.

    The hand massage is not an invitation to hold hands; it’s not a date, and you’re not sixteen.

    Should an awkward situation, ahem, naturally arise, there’s no need to panic. These things happen. Think about your tax return, mother-in-law, or Bill O’Reilly, and all should return to normal in no time. We promise there will be no pointing, staring, or public acknowledgement.

    Remember that this is your time. If it’s too warm, too cold, or ‘Smooth Sounds of the Seventies’ isn’t on your massage playlist, speak up. The same goes for talking. Don’t feel obligated to chat; it’s not about making new friends but if conversation helps you chill out, feel free to do so. Our therapists will follow your lead.

  • What to wear, or not to wear, is a surprisingly big concern when it comes to spa treatments.

    Once our therapist has collected you, they should say what clothing to take off, leave on, where to put it and how to position yourself. They will then give you a few minutes of privacy to get sorted.

    The usual rule for massage or body treatments is to take it all off (including jewelry), pop yourself on the bed and cover yourself with the large towel or sheet provided.

    Our therapists are experts in towel-privacy movements so any worries about resembling a stark naked starfish can be put to rest. And even if they weren’t, no one is looking, they’ve seen it all before and nor do they care – so relax.