Client Notes

Dear Jay,

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to have someone come into our lives that end up meaning so much and bring such joy. That is you. I am so very proud of you. My face feels fabulous!

See you soon!

Debbi F.
~ Palm Springs, CA


as always a pleasure to see you and yes, more than satisfied with my service. Thanks for coaching me about the sun on my face.

Mike R.
~ Palm Springs, CA


Yes I loved the service!!!! Come here (to Billings, MT) and open a spa. What am I going to do without you??!? My girlfriends loved the massage and products. Lovely seeing you again ❤

Lisa J.
~ Billings, MT

Hi Jay…

Thank you so much for the kind Birthday wishes! As well as, for an amazing facial I got, received lots of compliments and referred them to you!

Have a great weekend as well!! Thanks

David I.
~ Cathedral City, CA

Afternoon Jay!

Thank you for your great service and hospitality… it was great spending time with you…sorry I had to run off to meet friends for lunch… I wanted to stay a little longer…

Looking forward to seeing you when I get back!

Kurt N.
~ Cathedral City, CA

Thank you…

Super satisfied and we had fun last night with my super smooth back and xxxx!

Robert B.
~ Palm Springs, CA

Thank you…

Jay, You give me peace! 🙂

David R.
~ Palm Springs, CA

Hi Jay,

That facial is still having effects two weeks later. I’m amazed… thank you so much.. and LOVE my take home products…

Deb S.
~ Las Vegas, NV

Thanks Jay!

Very happy with your work. I will see you soon 🙂

John E.
~ Palm Springs, CA

What an amazing facial…

Love spending time with you. I look forward to seeing you when we get back. Hugs.

Connie A.
~ Palm Springs. CA