Suffering from the signs of hyper-pigmentation in the form of bvrown spots, (also referred to as age spots) can cause an uneven, mottled skin tone. Are you seeing the effects of the sun on the appearance of your skin? Try our Brightening Facial to brighten your skin and reduce the signs of sun damage.

For those looking to brighten skin often run into two different and disappointing scenarios: the products don’t deliver results as promised, or skin health suffers at the cost of brightening results. Treating hyperpigmentation without regard for skin health can lead to sensitivity, irritation, photo-damage, exposure to potentially dangerous agents and premature aging. Dedicated to results without compromising skin health, Dermalogica extensively researched the latest ingredient technology, searching for ingredients that would safely go beyond minimizing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This research has led to the development of PowerBright TRx, the only system that rapidly delivers visible brightening and improved skin tone while improving skin health. PowerBright TRx ensures you can treat your hyperpigmentation safely, without worrying about suffering from irritation or damage that can lead to premature aging.