• Nufree is the only soft wax we use – and it’s not even a wax. It is an antimicrobial, soy based botanical hair removal system that is gentle and effective.

      Developed over 30 years ago to remove hair from a patient before plastic surgery, nothing is more effective & safe than regular wax, as the gentle hair remover product that is soy-based, botanical, and wax free. We use a non-beeswax strip formula. The formula contains ingredients without any animal origin, preservatives, or fragrance. Our product is suitable for all body parts and skin types. It is very effective on fine to coarse hair.

      Any part of the body can be treated with our soy based product, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet; and it was clinically developed for sensitive skin.

      After hair is removed an antiseptic cream is applied to cool, soothe and protect the skin. Hair will be noticeably thinner and will grow more slowly leading to less frequent treatments. After about 18 treatments clients return to the salon only once or twice a year. Our product is 100% Botanical; No Chemicals, No Sugar, No Wax.

      To avoid cross contamination while carrying out our hair removal services we use a new spatula each time we make contact with your skin and we never double dip.

      Ladies, shaving leaves skin stubbly and rough, plus the hair grows back thicker, darker, and more noticeable. Not very attractive!

      Waxing leaves skin smoother and the hair grows back softer, lighter, and more slowly, so even when the hair is coming through, it feels soft and is much less noticeable.

      • Nose – $15
      • Lip or chin – $15
      • Cheeks – $25
      • Brow – $20
      • Full Face – $55
      • Ear – $15
      • Underarm – $25
      • Half arm – $35
      • Full arm – $55
      • Lower leg – $50
      • Upper leg – $75
      • Full leg – $105
      • Toes and feet – $15

      Additional Information

      • Waxing Treatment Results

        Waxing leaves the skin smooth and the hair grows back slower, softer and lighter than when shaved. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, pubic area, (called bikini or intimate waxing), legs, arms, back, abdomen, hands and feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.

        Intimate waxing is nothing like shaving and once you’ve waxed, you’ll never go back. Think smooth, soft skin, instead of rough stubble down there – lush! You will be really smooth and sexy for at least the first 2 weeks. Remember that waxing removes all the hair, pulling it out at the follicle, so everything that grows back, is new and therefore soft and for quite a while it feels really smooth. Hair usually gives up and stops growing after about 4-6 years of continuous waxing.