The Rub Down

Therapists perform many pleasurable tasks during the massage, but it is not construed to be sexual in any means. Please note, any inappropriate behavior or language will result in the termination of your treatment even if the job is still half done.

The hand massage is not an invitation to hold hands; it’s not a date, and you’re not sixteen.

Should an awkward situation, ahem, naturally arise, there’s no need to panic. These things happen. Think about your tax return, mother-in-law, or Bill O’Reilly, and all should return to normal in no time. We promise there will be no pointing, staring, or public acknowledgement.

Remember that this is your time. If it’s too warm, too cold, or ‘Smooth Sounds of the Seventies’ isn’t on your massage playlist, speak up. The same goes for talking. Don’t feel obligated to chat; it’s not about making new friends but if conversation helps you chill out, feel free to do so. Our therapists will follow your lead.

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